Las Vegas Attackers Died In Adult Diapers

Las Vegas Attackers Died In Adult Diapers

When Jerad and Amanda Miller went on their June 8 Las Vegas attack–killing two Police Officers and a concealed carry permit holder, then themselves, they were wearing adult diapers.

According to Mail Online, 31-year-old Jerad and 22-year-old Amanda were armed with four handguns and a shotgun. No explanation given for which of those were stolen off the the police officers they killed in CiCi’s pizza. 

After the Millers left CiCi’s they went to Wal-Mart where Amanda killed concealed carry permit holder Joseph Robert Wilcox by sneaking up on him from behind. They then “smashed a Wal-Mart sporting good display case to get more ammunition” and built “a make-shift fort out of merchandise.”

Fifty-two rounds were exchanged between SWAT officers and the Millers before Jerad was struck in the chest. His wife then shot him in the head and subsequently killed herself.

Both were wearing adult diapers. 

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