Ted Cruz: 'I Certainly Congratulate' Thad Cochran

Ted Cruz: 'I Certainly Congratulate' Thad Cochran

Chris McDaniel may have refused to concede the Mississippi Senate primary without a challenge, but Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) appears to be moving on after the Tea Party suffered primary defeats last night.

“I certainly congratulate my colleague, Thad,” Cruz said on Fox and Friends Wednesday morning, pointing out that the Republican establishment poured millions into the Mississippi race and only won by a thin margin.Cruz reminded the hosts that he did not endorse a candidate in the Mississippi primary, as he promised to stay out of incumbent Senate races. 

But Cruz insisted that Cochran’s narrow victory should be a warning for Republicans in Washington, D.C.

Cruz also congratulated James Lankford, who won the Oklahoma primary over the Tea Party’s T.W. Shannon. Cruz, along with several national Tea Party groups and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, endorsed Shannon. 

The Texas Senator stated that although it was clear that thousands of Democrats voted in the primary, it was all part of the political battle.