Rep. Jeff Denham Reiterates Support for Immigration Reform

Rep. Jeff Denham Reiterates Support for Immigration Reform

California Republican Rep. Jeff Denham reiterated his support for immigration reform following President Obama’s announcement that he will take on immigration reform administratively.

“After returning from the border last week and seeing firsthand the growing crisis of unaccompanied minors, it is now more obvious than ever that we have to secure our border,” Denham said Monday in reaction to the President’s immigration announcement.

Denham has been a Republican advocate for immigration reform, including amnesty, in the House. He is a co-sponsor of the ENLIST Act, which would allow certain undocumented immigrants to serve in the military and be put on a pathway to citizenship.

“We cannot afford any delays. I remain committed to passing real and effective reform that starts with border security, strengthens our economy, and fixes our broken immigration system,” the California Republican said.