Chief White House Calligrapher Paid $97,692 Salary

Chief White House Calligrapher Paid $97,692 Salary

U.S. taxpayers paid $37.8 million in salaries for President Obama’s 456 White House employees, according to a newly released administration report.

With a median individual salary of $70,700 per year, White House workers make well above the median household income of just $51,017.

Salaries ranged from $172,200 to $42,000. President Obama’s 22 senior administration officials, such as Valerie Jarrett and John Podesta, all bagged the top end of the salary scale. Others, like Chief Calligrapher Patricia A. Blair, cost taxpayers $97,692. Calligrapher Debra S. Brown receives a $86,812 salary.

Obama, who was not included in the list, earns $400,000. a year. 

The White House said it was releasing how much money U.S. taxpayers pay for Obama’s staff in order to remain “consistent with President Obama’s commitment to transparency.”