Texas Gov. Rick Perry Says Border Security at Historic Low

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Says Border Security at Historic Low

During testimony at a House Homeland Security field hearing in McAllen, Texas, Governor Perry pointed out that the massive influx of illegal aliens, many of them children unaccompanied by adults, has diverted resources for border security away from securing the border, leaving America uniquely vulnerable, according to The Hill.

Perry went on to say that with border agents spending time caring for thousands of children, the drug cartels might find it easier than ever to breach our borders. Some people also fear that those connected with terrorist groups might find it easier to cross the border.

“If we do not today clearly send the message you cannot come into the United States just because somebody is handing out a flyer, then this is only going to get worse,” Governor Perry said. “And a humanitarian crisis will turn into a monumental tragedy for those children, and I will suggest to you, for citizens along this border.”

Perry is also pushing the federal government to put U.S. troops on the border to prevent more crossings. In fact, Perry has been calling for troops on the border since 2009.

During his testimony, Perry insisted that action must be taken soon. Without action, he said, “The flow [of illegal immigrants] is not going to stop.”

The Lone Star State is also considering another avenue to spur the federal government to action. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott revealed the state of Texas is considering suing the federal government over the costs associated with the current border crisis.

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