Court Halts Denial Of Licenses For Immigrants

Court Halts Denial Of Licenses For Immigrants

The Associated Press reports that an appeals court has blocked the state of Arizona ‘s ban on offering drivers licenses to immigrants shielded by an executive order issued by President Obama in June of 2012. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the immigrants’ argument that they were receiving unequal treatment.

The Obama administration in June 2012 took administrative steps to shield thousands of immigrants from deportation. Applicants must have come to the United States before they turned 16, be younger than 30, have been in the country for at least five continuous years, be in school or have graduated from high school or a GED program, or have served in the military. They also were allowed to apply for a two-year renewable work permit.

Gov. Jan Brewer issued an executive order in August 2012 directing state agencies to deny driver’s licenses and other public benefits to young immigrants who get work authorization under the program.

According to the court it is apparently okay for the president to ignore the law with an executive order but it is not okay for a governor to issue an executive order to put things back the way they were before the president chose to ignore the law … and the Constitution … and the separation of powers … and the Congress.

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