Sen. Jeff Sessions: Deporting Illegals Best PR Strategy for Obama

Sen. Jeff Sessions: Deporting Illegals Best PR Strategy for Obama

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) believes that deporting illegal immigrants is the best public relations campaign the Obama administration can use to deter illegal immigrants from flooding across the border from Central America.

Speaking on the Senate floor Monday, Sessions said that “word will get out in Central America, like it got out that you can come and be able to stay,” if the Obama administration starts “deporting people who came here illegally promptly instead of just talking about it and not releasing them on bail or ‘permisos.'”

Sessions said it could be surprising how quickly the number of illegal immigrants who are coming from Central America will start to fall, which Sessions said “would be good for public policy and the rule of law.”

He mentioned that illegal immigrants are coming to the country en masse because they know the Obama administration has “no intention of enforcing [immigration laws] effectively and consistently,” and he noted that the roughly 80% drop in deportations since Obama took office coincides with a 2000% increase in the number of illegal immigrants entering unlawfully.

“Isn’t this a guarantee that we’ll see more people attempt to come to America unlawfully in the future?” he said.

Sessions also said that Obama “can’t play games with law enforcement” and there needs to be “clarity.”

He mentioned that “we have this bizarre event where non-citizens can come into the country in violation of our laws and be given amnesty or forgiveness but a citizen who doesn’t pay a few dollars of his taxes” or gets a speeding ticket faces jail time.

“How can this be possibly be justified in any moral or legal sense?” Sessions said.

The Alabama senator who has tirelessly stood up for American workers during the immigration debate also said the current the lawlessness “demeans the respect this nation has in the world” and “undermines one of the most remarkable, valuable characteristics of America,” which is “our commitment to the rule of law.”

He said Obama has “eviscerated” the rule of law, which is a “direct affront” that “undermines the sovereignty” of the nation.

Sessions said while the United States has “the most generous immigration system in the world,” the country is not able to accept everyone. Yet, Sessions said that “nobody’s really being deported” and illegal immigrants “don’t really intend to leave.”

“The President created this policy, and now it’s caused this national crisis,” he said.

At least 52,000 illegal immigrant children have entered the country since October of last year, and at least 160,000 more are expected to next year. The number of illegal immigrant children, mostly from Central America, who have entered America illegally has spiked since Obama enacted the temporary amnesty program for certain DREAMers by executive action in 2012.

That has forced the Obama administration to even create television ads – including a bizarre commercial in which an Obama look-alike dies during his journey to America – to discourage Central Americans from making the trip to America. Top administration officials have also told Central Americans that amnesty does not await them across the border.

However, migrants from Central America are not taking the Obama administration’s words seriously, with many vowing to try again even after they have been deported multiple times. The Department of Homeland Security has been ambiguous about whether most of the illegal immigrants from Central America would be deported.