Pregnant woman shot dead driving on Chicago's Dan Ryan Expressway

CHICAGO, July 9 (UPI) —

A woman in Chicago is dead after being shot in the head while driving southbound on Chicago’s Dan Ryan Expressway Wednesday.

“I really think — my heart, my gut — it was some gang-banging crap. I just know it,” Jasmine Curry’s father, Pierre Curry, told reporters.

In 2013, Curry’s teenage son Pierce was murdered in what he believes was an act of gang violence.

“I think she was targeted because her little brother was murdered last year in this area. My son, Pierce Curry, he was murdered last year. Aug. 27 last year. He was 17 years old … Now I’ve got to bury another child … I buried my last-born last year and now I’ve got to bury my firstborn this year.”

Jasmine Curry, 24, had three boys and two girls and her father had just learned that morning she was pregnant again. She was supposed to start a new job today.

“They got to get these fools,” Curry pleaded with reporters “They ain’t got the fool who shot my son last year, I hope they find the fool who shot my daughter today.”

“I’m going to lose my mind. That’s my first born — my first born! She was sweet, a good daughter, a good auntie, a good mother. Always liked working; she always kept a job…Now she’s on the Dan Ryan, gone.”