Baylor Professor Identifies Bodies of Illegals Who Die Crossing Border

Baylor Professor Identifies Bodies of Illegals Who Die Crossing Border

For the last two years, Professor Lori Baker of Baylor University has been lending her expertise to helping identify the bodies of those who tried and failed to sneak into our country through the forbidden landscape at our southern border.

But this year, she is seeing something different. Professor Baker told Waco’s KXXV TV that they have been seeing the bodies of children more often this year. “I think it’s something right now where we’re in a crisis,” Baker told the TV news. “Now with the number of immigrants coming and the number of children, it’s a disastrous situation.”

The job is a complicated and often fruitless one, as the professor and her students have to work with multiple agencies in multiple countries. These multiple languages, various bureaucracies, and sometimes even distrust between nations complicate her job.

Baker reports that of the 150 remains they have, only one body has been successfully identified thus far. But for all the effort, even one success is “worth it,” Baker says, and that one success means that the family of the would-be immigrant will have closure.

“Every mom that we talk to says something along the same lines,” Professor Baker said. They say, “Now I have a place to go and pray, now I have a place to go be with my child.”

That professor Baker has found several dead children in the Texas wilderness does not tell the whole story of how dangerous it is for these thousands of unaccompanied children, though. The drug cartels and human traffickers who are preying upon these children are beating, abusing, and sexually molesting the youngsters as they try to pass over the border.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is raising the alarm about this horrible abuse caused by the Obama administration’s failed immigration and border protection policies.

“We just heard stories of little boys and little girls forced by these drug dealers to cut off the fingers or cut off the ears of other little boys and little girls in order to extort money from their families,” Cruz said at a press conference in June. “And these children are told, if you don’t cut off the fingers or ears of another child, you’ll be shot,” he added.

“All of that is the direct consequence of President Obama’s lawlessness,” Senator Cruz asserted.

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