Exclusive: Chase Employee Leaks Purported Photo of LGBT Survey Question

Exclusive: Chase Employee Leaks Purported Photo of LGBT Survey Question

A source from inside Chase bank has provided what he says is a photograph of the actual question all employees were asked in a company-wide survey about their support for “the LGBT community.” This is the first time an alleged image of the actual survey has been revealed.

Many employees have expressed fear that such a question was asked for the first time in what is a yearly survey. Though the survey is voluntary, they say their bosses pressure them to fill it out. What’s more, they say the survey is not anonymous, which means their answers are known and can be acted upon. As we have reported before, some employees fear if they answer the LGBT question incorrectly – that they are not “supporters of the LGBT community” – they may be targeted for reeducation training and perhaps have their careers harmed.

Since the survey was first reported by Professor Robert George of Princeton University on the blog Mirror of Justice and then broken widely by Breitbart News, there have been rumblings from the left that the story was a fabrication.

Even though a number of sources have come forward to Professor George and to Breitbart News, and each has told the same story, the left has persisted in questioning whether the offending survey question is real.

The strongest claim came from the hard-left, George Soros-funded Media Matters where writer Luke Brinker reported, “JP Morgan Chase doesn’t have an LGBT loyalty test for employees.” He goes on to say Breitbart’s “story is a complete fabrication. Neither Ruse nor George has actually produced a copy of the survey they’re reporting on.”

Writing in Slate, Mark David Stern did not come right out, like Brinker, and call Professor George, Breitbart, and numerous sources liars, instead attacking what he perceives as their ideology and motivations. Stern refers to Professor George, who holds an endowed chair at Princeton once held by Woodrow Wilson, as “coitus obsessed,” though he does not explain what that means exactly.

Breitbart News continues to call Chase corporate communications to get answers about the survey. Other than “we do not comment on internal surveys” from last week, we have heard nothing.