American Immigration Control Foundation: 'Prevent Our Melting Pot from Melting Down'

American Immigration Control Foundation: 'Prevent Our Melting Pot from Melting Down'

In this current humanitarian crisis of illegal immigration on our southern border, the American Immigration Control Foundation takes on new relevance. But far from wanting to simply stop immigration, the group wants common sense policies to “prevent our American melting pot from melting down.”

Since 1983, the American Immigration Control Foundation ( has been urging citizens to demand that Washington properly enforce the myriad of immigration laws already on the books. But with this recent crisis, the group is stepping up its activism in an attempt to get a handle on this influx of tens of thousands of illegals, many of whom are bringing diseases into our country.

AIC Foundation doesn’t blame this crisis on a single political group. Liberals who want a ready-made electorate to manipulate to tear down traditional American ideals own a large share of the blame, of course. But the group also criticizes Republican-aligned groups in big business that want cheap labor. AIC even slams libertarians for placing their ideology before reality and the needs of the country.

In one of its promotional materials, AICF explains how we’ve come to this crisis. “The forces trying to prevent common sense discussion of immigration issues are rich and powerful. Left-wingers in politics, journalism, and academia have joined forces with wealthy corporate elites in pursuit of cheap labor to keep Americans in the dark about mass immigration.”

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart, AIC President John Vinson further explains the foundation’s goals.

“Our goal is to raise awareness to the problems related to immigration,” Vinson said. “Foremost is the fact that we’re not enforcing the existing laws on the books, and as a consequence, we’ve suffered wave after wave of illegal immigration since the late 70s. And we want to call upon citizens to contact their elected officials and demand enforcement of existing law.”

“What we believe in is immigration in moderation. But we’ve not had a moderate immigration policy for forty years, we’ve had a record level of illegal immigration, a sustained level of illegal immigration,” he said.

“What we need now,” Vinson insisted, “is time to slow it down so as to prevent a meltdown of the melting pot.”

But AIC isn’t trying to end immigration. “We’re not against immigration per se. I mean, some can be a very good thing, but we think the level we have now is excessive. Americans are a generous people,” Vinson said, “and we’d like to continue a sensible tradition of immigration, but what we’re doing now is going to make our country so unpleasant that people are not going to want to come here.”

There is also a largely untold story with this current mess, Vinson feels.

“During the days of Ellis Island, many people were turned back after they were inspected there because they had tuberculosis and other diseases,” Vinson noted. “It was always understood that we need to check people from foreign countries to make sure that they aren’t bringing in diseases that will harm us. We’ve eradicated may diseases in this country, but these diseases still exist in other parts of the world, so therefore, we need to be careful about this.”

“When we allow our borders to be wide open and allow people to settle here illegally, we have no way of checking what they’re bringing in,” he said.

Vinson also related a discussion he had a few years ago with a member of the Centers for Disease Control who told him that the mainstream media won’t talk about the disease problem.

“One of the biggest unreported stories in America is how illegal immigration is bringing in diseases,” Vinson said of his discussion. His source said, “You won’t see this reported in the mainstream media because it’s politically incorrect to do so.”

Vinson concluded by urging Americans to demand that our politicians set up limits on immigration “so we can continue a healthy immigration tradition.”

“So, we’re looking at immigration as a patriotic position. We want policies that will uphold our American way of life, our standards, and values.”

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