Chris Christie: 'I'm in My Kind Stage Now'

Chris Christie: 'I'm in My Kind Stage Now'

While Gov. Chris Christie attended a Iowa restaurant on Thursday, one woman had a question for him. “Why can’t you be tough right now?” she asked, according to WNYC’s Matt Katz.

That explains why Christie, who gained widespread popularity among Republicans for his tough, no nonsense style when dealing with the left, has softened his tone in recent years, particularly after Hurricane Sandy hit his state.

At a campaign event in Iowa, Christie indicated that he would take requests for “help and assistance” for the unaccompanied minors crossing the border but added that he didn’t want to encourage more illegal border crossings.

Christie also criticized President Obama for failing to secure the border.

The New Jersey governor proudly signed legislation in December to give children of illegal immigrants the opportunity to pay in-state tuition at New Jersey colleges under the Dream Act.