GOP Rep Blasts Plan to House Thousands of Illegals in Abandoned Dallas Schools

GOP Rep Blasts Plan to House Thousands of Illegals in Abandoned Dallas Schools

Rep. Kay Granger (R-TX) blasted a proposal to house 2,000 illegal immigrant children in abandoned schools in Dallas, Texas. 

Granger, who chairs a GOP working group on the border crisis, told a local NBC affiliate this weekend that illegal immigrants should also be housed as close to the border as possible instead of in North Texas. 

“I wouldn’t do it. I don’t think it’s the right thing to do,” Granger reportedly said. “I don’t think a school is set up to be a shelter or home for a child, even for a short time. We’re on the wrong track of planning on how to take care of the 58,000 children who have come here.”

According to the Dallas Morning News, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins proposed housing thousands of illegal immigrants in two facilities, one in the city of Dallas and another in Grand Prairie to help the Obama administration process the nearly 60,000 illegal immigrant children who have crossed the border since October of last year.

The Obama administration has asked states like Massachusetts to house illegal immigrants at unused shopping malls — sparking resistance from communities that do not have the taxpayer funds to deal with illegal immigrant children dumped in their towns. Democratic Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick instead proposed two military bases where illegal immigrant children can be housed. The aliens would be held there without informing commanders and local communities, many of which were concerned about the fiscal impact the illegal immigrants will have on their already strained budgets.