GM 2014 Recalls Outnumber Population of Texas

GM 2014 Recalls Outnumber Population of Texas

General Motors Co. announced on Wednesday six new recalls for 717,950 U.S. vehicles, bringing its 2014 total recalls to 29 million worldwide, 25.7 million of which have been in the United States. 

That works out to more recalls worldwide than there are people in the state of Texas, which, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, stands at just over 26 million.

The Los Angeles Times reported that U.S. taxpayers lost $10 billion bailing out GM. Former GM CEO Dan Akerson said the auto giant should not pay back the government for the $10 billion taxpayers lost. 

Last December, President Barack Obama hailed his bailout of the auto industry as a major success. 

“That bet has paid off,” said Obama. “The American auto industry is back.”