Woman Ticketed for Helping Ducklings on Highway

NEWFIELDS, N.H., July 22 (UPI) —
A New Hampshire woman who decided to brake for ducklings ended up being issued a $100 ticket.

Hallie Bibeau was driving on Route 101 when she saw a group of ducklings and noticed that their mother had been hit by a car.

The 33-year-old braked to avoid hitting the little animals and pulled over on the median.

Bibeau called 911 for assistance and saw a few of the animals get run over while she waited. Unable to watch any more of the ducklings die, Bibeau gathered up the two surviving ducklings.

An ambulance that was driving by stopped to see if assistance was needed and a state trooper arrived shortly thereafter.

The trooper issued Bibeau a $100 ticket for stopping in the median.

Even if she does end up paying the ticket, it’s a small price to pay compared to what happened to a Canadian woman who was found guilty of criminal negligence causing death after her attempt to save a group of ducklings caused the deaths of two people.