Hillary Clinton: Reset with Russia Worked

Hillary Clinton: Reset with Russia Worked

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton believes that her effort to “reset” the United States’ relationship with Russia actually worked.

Clinton was widely ridiculed after she presented a red “reset” button to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in 2009. The button read “peregruzka,” which is Russian for “overcharged,” instead of “perezagruzka,” the Russian word for reset.

On National Public Radio, journalist John Harwood asked Clinton about the failed effort to “reset” relations with Russia.

Clinton suggested that she was working to get cooperation with Russia when Medvedev was president, even though it was clear that Putin “pulled the strings.”

Clinton cited diplomatic successes with Russia, pointing out that they understood why the United States placed international sanctions on Iran and allowed the U.S. to resupply troops in Afghanistan through Russia.

When Putin was elected president again, Clinton argued that she knew things would change.