Obama Job Approval at Dismal 39%

Obama Job Approval at Dismal 39%

President Obama’s numbers have fallen to his previous all-time lowest approval rating this week as Americans have had time to assess his policies, or lack thereof, on immigration; his foreign policies on Israel, Ukraine, and Russia; and his reaction to the shooting down of Malaysian flight MH17.

This week, Gallup recorded Obama’s job approval rating as 39 positive to 54 negative. This is a bit worse than his previous worse rating in March of 39/55. 

The Gallup graph shows that the President’s approval rating has taken a pretty steady downward spiral since his February 2009 high of nearly 70 percent approval. Since 2010, Obama has struggled to hit above 50 percent approval and has most often been under that metric. In fact, the last time Gallup measured a 50 percent approval was back in April of 2013.

The latest CNN poll wasn’t much better for the President. In a July 23 report, CNN found that Obama’s approval was at 42 percent, but this poll was early enough not to record many reactions to Obama’s handling of the current crises.

Traditionally, low presidential approval numbers like these in an election year bodes very badly for the President’s party.

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