Jeff Sessions: Politicians Who Enable Obama's Amnesty Agenda Will Have 'Political Heads' Severed in Nov.

Jeff Sessions: Politicians Who Enable Obama's Amnesty Agenda Will Have 'Political Heads' Severed in Nov.

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) warned his colleagues in Congress that Americans will vote them out of office in November if they do not act this week to thwart President Barack Obama’s plans to grant work permits and amnesty to up to eight million more Americans via executive fiat.

“In November, some people are going to be wondering how their political heads were severed from their shoulders if they don’t listen to what the American people are saying,” Sessions declared on Breitbart News Sunday. 

Sessions told host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon that those in Congress who enable Obama’s amnesty agenda will have to “defend themselves” in November “if they refuse to take action, and it’s going to be hard to do.” He emphasized that “with an election coming up in November, there can be some messages sent” because “the one thing politicians worry about in Washington is losing elections.” 

Sessions, who has relentlessly fought for American workers throughout the illegal immigration fight, cited America’s already generous immigration policy and said Americans are not against immigration but the country just cannot absorb so many workers when the economy is not doing well. 

He noted, as U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner Peter Kirsanow has said, that massive illegal immigration would hurt African-Americans the most. Sessions also said that Americans of Hispanic descent who are trying to move up the economic ladder would also be devastated.

But Obama’s potential granting of amnesty to millions of more illegal immigrant adults, though, could threaten and permanently damage the rule of law. Sessions said “it would be an incredibly reckless and dangerous act that would cause great turmoil in the constitutional order” and would create “great turmoil throughout the country.”

Sessions said he hopes and prays that Obama’s advisers restrain him from what would be a breathtaking overreach. He said Obama is “playing with fire” especially because Obama has gone on record and said he explicitly did not have the power to unilaterally stop deportations. 

Reminding listeners that he broke with his party to oppose President George W. Bush’s comprehensive immigration reform bill, Sessions said Democrats should not be let off the hook and must be asked if they are in favor of allowing Obama through executive orders to give amnesty to up to 8 million people even though Congress has not allowed it. 

Sessions said he was also “flabbergasted” that some Republicans in the establishment do not oppose Obama’s amnesty agenda, and he said that elected officials “cannot yield to the corporate titans who think they can bring in an unlimited number of foreign workers” for cheaper labor and without any consequences. 

He said Americans have rightfully “demanded an honest and lawful system that serves the interest of the American people,” and that is what elected officials on both sides of the aisle should be fighting for. Sessions reiterated that if they don’t, they will pay the price in November when Americans of all backgrounds revolt against elites on both sides of the aisle that ignore their interests.