Mark Levin: Support Joe Carr Against 'Awful' Lamar Alexander

Mark Levin: Support Joe Carr Against 'Awful' Lamar Alexander

Conservative scholar and talk radio host Mark Levin said he is rooting for Tennessee state Representative Joe Carr to defeat Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) in next week’s August 7th GOP Senate primary.

On his Monday radio program, Levin said Alexander, realizing that he was vulnerable because of his support for Obamacare and amnesty, has been “putting down all upstart challengers” that he thought could run against him. Levin simply called Alexander “awful.”

“But Representative Carr stepped up, and we would very much like him to win,” Levin declared. “And we wish him all the best.”

Carr, whom Levin called a very “solid guy,” has been endorsed by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham, who campaigned for Carr in the state. On Breitbart News Sunday, Carr said the grassroots has “absolutely caught fire” and the race was “very, very, very” close. He implied that it has tightened even more since a poll conducted two weeks ago found that Carr closed a 22-point deficit and trailed Alexander by 7 points.

Levin said primary voters in Tennessee will have to decide if they want to “go back for more Lamar Alexander,” which he said would be a vote for more debt, more government, and more Obamacare.

Carr, who ran against illegal immigration and has been the architect of some of the toughest anti-illegal immigration laws in the country, has been hammering Alexander for voting for the Senate’s amnesty bill even after law enforcement officials warned him that it would exacerbate the border crisis and lure a “tidal wave” of migrants from Central America.

Levin praised Carr for taking on the GOP establishment that is often indistinguishable from Democrats in D.C.