King Offers Plan to Muster Conservative Support for Border Bill

King Offers Plan to Muster Conservative Support for Border Bill

An immigration hawk who has voiced concern over the current House proposal to cope with the ongoing crisis at the border says he and other conservatives they will be able to vote “yes” for the measure if it includes two legislative fixes.

Wednesday, after hosting a Conservative Opportunity Society breakfast featuring Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions as the guest speaker, Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King announced that based on Sessions’ message, conservatives have proposed legislative language to House leadership that would alleviate some of their concerns and allow them to vote “yes” on the measure

“As it is currently written, the proposed supplemental (H.R. 5230) is inadequate to earn our support. If the DACA fix (Cruz/Blackburn, H.R. 5160) is included, and the Chaffetz/Goodlatte OTM/UAC fix (H.R. 5137) is substituted for the extremely problematic OTM/UAC language currently in the bill, we will support the bill,” the proposal reads. “This is our effort to get to “yes” on a bill that addresses the problem, and puts Republicans in the driver’s seat.”

The House is expected to vote on the measure, to cope with the tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors and family units that have been detained illegally entering the United States in recent months, this week. 

“This is an effort to get to yes,” King said in a statement. “And it is my hope that with this language we can become a 100 percent unified conference and stand together defending the Constitution, the Rule of Law, border security, and American’s economic security.”