Army Developing Tracer Round Only Shooter Can See

Army Developing Tracer Round Only Shooter Can See

In a bid to help make the location of U.S. soldiers harder for enemies to pinpoint, the Army is developing a tracer round that will only be visible to the shooter.

According to The Washington Post, “Engineers at the U.S. Army’s Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey” have been heading up this redesign effort in a bid to protect the integrity of a soldier’s position.

Current tracer rounds use “pyrotechnic chemicals” that make the round visible not only to the shooter but also to the enemy. The Army now suggests a new round – the One-Way Luminescence (OWL) tracer – would be designed around the idea of “putting a thin layer of material [only] on the back” of a round. This would make the trajectory of the round visible to the solider firing it, without showing the enemy where the soldier is located.

The Army says the OWL tracer could be in the manufacturing phase as early as 2017.

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