Conservative Victory on the Southern Border Crisis

Conservative Victory on the Southern Border Crisis

Unlike President Obama, this week House conservatives began the process of taking action to solve the crisis at our nation’s Southern border. 

The latest legislation passed Friday gives emergency funds to governors for them to be able to deploy National Guard units to the border and calls for significantly less spending than President Obama’s nearly $4 billion proposal. In addition to being more fiscally responsible, it actually allows for the necessary action to be taken in order to prevent this crisis from worsening.

More importantly the House passed legislation that will rein in President Obama’s power to shield illegal immigrants from being deported, an important step in the process of beginning to clear up the problem he has created. I want to personally thank three Members of Congress — Steve King, Marsha Blackburn, and Matt Salmon — for their hard work ensuring conservative principles were honored and the hard choices were made to get this legislation where it needs to be policy-wise.

Once again, it was conservatives that rose up and worked tirelessly to solve the crisis at hand. This is all a very important first step in the long process in which we as a nation undo yet another mess created by the Obama Administration. For too many months, President Obama and his liberal allies sat on their hands while tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors flooded our borders.

We are moving in the right direction, but don’t let up now. Call, write, post on social media, and make sure Congress knows that now is the time to start dealing with this action. We must call on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to not ignore this legislation like he does with so many important pieces of legislation that comes over from the House. It’s imperative that the Senate and the President work with the House to begin to solve this crisis, and ultimately, actually build the fence and prevent an emergency like this from ever happening again.

My organization, Citizens United, made a short web video calling on President Obama to deploy the National Guard to the Southern border. You can watch it here: