Obama: GOP 'Captive to the Nativist Elements in Its Party' on Amnesty

Obama: GOP 'Captive to the Nativist Elements in Its Party' on Amnesty

In a new Economist interview, President Barack Obama praised big corporations for embracing amnesty while blasting the Republican Party for opposing it.

“Now,to their credit, I think on an issue like immigration reform, forexample, companies did step up,” said Obama. “And what they’re discovering is theproblem is not the regulatory zealotry of the Obama administration; whatthey’re discovering is the dysfunction of a Republican Party that knowswe need immigration reform, knows that it would actually be good forits long-term prospects, but is captive to the nativist elements in itsparty.”

Obama also spoke about immigration issues around the world, including in South Africa:

So when it comes to South Africa, we recognize a suspicion they may haveabout meddling too much in the affairs of Zimbabwe, for example. But myargument to them would be, ultimately, as a key regional power, if theyfail to invest in the kind of international order or regional orderthat helps ordinary Zimbabweans thrive, then they’re going to have animmigration problem–which they already do. That, in turn, is going toput more pressure on them and their economies.

Obama added: “And ultimately, thosechickens will come home to roost.”