WH Sources: Obama Eying Exec Amnesty for Illegals 'Closely Related' to DREAMers

WH Sources: Obama Eying Exec Amnesty for Illegals 'Closely Related' to DREAMers

President Barack Obama may reportedly give temporary amnesty via executive fiat to illegal immigrants who are “closely related” to DREAMers.  

Obama vowed to “act alone” on illegal immigration during a Friday press conference, and, according to a Washington Post report, illegal immigrants “who are closely related to U.S. citizens or those who have lived in the country a certain number of years” may get temporary amnesty when Obama decides to act. Nearly five million people could qualify. 

Pro-amnesty advocates who have met with the Obama administration believe he is considering every option that has been presented to him, no matter how bold, broad, and lawless it may be.

Marielena Hincapie, the executive director of the National Immigration Law Center, told the Post that she attended a meeting with Obama in which “the conversation was about the need for the program to be as bold as possible.”

“They didn’t say no to the things we were raising,” she said. 

Obama and his officials have also met with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, which gave him a six-page wish list, and Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) said he felt Obama would be “broad and generous” with his executive actions to “stop the deportation of our people.” 

The number of illegal immigrant juveniles who have been apprehended drastically spiked since Obama enacted his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in 2012, as more migrants were led to believe that amnesty awaited them across the border. Critics of Obama’s executive amnesty contend that the border crisis will get even worse if Obama grants work permits to illegal immigrant adults. 

For that reason, the House, after much wrangling, passed a bill Friday evening that would prevent Obama from using federal funds to enact his executive amnesty. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) killed the Senate’s border bill with a budget point of order Thursday evening because it did not do the same.