DR. MICHAEL SAVAGE: America's 'Ebola Madness'

DR. MICHAEL SAVAGE: America's 'Ebola Madness'

Editors Note: Dr. Michael Savage brings his wealth of knowledge to the Ebola epidemic in Africa and America’s response. Reprinted from World Net Daily:

The madness of Ebola is only matched by the madness of America.

Let’s start with common sense. If a member of your family has the viral illness known as the common cold, what do you normally do? Well, you try to avoid contact with that person. Certainly, you want to avoid them sneezing on you or the droplets from their cough spreading anywhere in the house.

You both isolate and avoid an infected patient. Well, Ebola is a viral illness. Common sense would dictate you isolate and avoid contact with patients, because in this case the disease is often fatal.

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