Daily Beast: McConnell Fails to Heal Tea Party Wounds

Daily Beast: McConnell Fails to Heal Tea Party Wounds

Editors note : The spring primary between Mitch McConnell and Matt Bevins caused a breech with grassroots groups because of the vitriol. The Daily Beast reports on the ongoing divide.

The Senate minority leader, long reviled among many on the right for what they see as kowtowing to Democrats, is in a tough race for his seat–and in trouble with the Tea Party.

If Alison Lundergan Grimes pulls off an upset victory over Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in November, she may have Tea Partiers to thank. But don’t expect conservative voters to rally to Grimes–they simply aren’t getting behind McConnell.

Although the five-term Republican ended up winning a a tough primary challenge from businessman Matt Bevin handily, the race was one of the most vicious and ugly this cycle, with Bevin’s campaign badly damaged in a cockfighting scandal. And while some disaffected conservatives have backed McConnell in November, Bevin has still not endorsed him, and many of the Tea Party groups that supported the businessman are following suit. As a result, in a recent poll, nearly 20% of self-identified Republicans didn’t support McConnell.

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