Jeff Sessions Suggests Officials Resign if Asked to Implement Obama Amnesty

Jeff Sessions Suggests Officials Resign if Asked to Implement Obama Amnesty

If President Barack Obama grants executive amnesty and temporary work permits to millions more illegal immigrants “by the end of summer,” Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) suggested officials engage in civil obedience, instead of enabling Obama by implementing it.

Speaking on the Senate floor on Monday, Sessions suggested that some officials may have a duty to resign, rather than enabling Obama’s lawlessness. He said if Obama enacts his executive action, lawyers and officials from the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security will have to “carry out a plan” that Obama “previously said he had no authority to do.”

“Their duty is to say no,” Sessions said. “Sometimes you have to resign your office.”

On Wednesday, Obama gave every indication that he will soon grant more amnesty. 

“The American people don’t want me standing around twiddling my thumbs waiting for Congress to do something,” Obama said, adding that he would “scour” for executive actions, while conceding he was “bound” by the Constitution and the separation of powers.

Sessions said that such executive actions would not be “in the nation’s interest” and asked, “What law might the next president ignore or nullify?”

Reminding Americans that the president cannot make law, Sessions said, “This constitutional construct is not a small matter” because it is how the American people “control their government.” He added that “allowing any president to nullify law” is a “threat to the future of our Republic and to the ultimate power of the people to control it.”

He urged Obama,”Please do not do this.” He also advised officials and lawyers who have received the directive on executive amnesty that they have a duty “to say no” because their “first duty is to the Constitution.”