Alabama Tea Parties Thank Jeff Sessions for Fighting Amnesty

Alabama Tea Parties Thank Jeff Sessions for Fighting Amnesty

A core group of grassroots leaders throughout Alabama has written to Senate Budget Committee ranking member Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) to thank him for fighting so hard against amnesty.

“We are writing to express our gratitude for your steadfast commitment to upholding our U.S. Constitution and standing by your principles,” wrote the Tea Party leaders in state, led by Rainy Day Patriots founder Zan Green. “We support you and encourage you to keep up the good work. We know that often elected officials only hear from constituents and groups when we are making specific requests, but on behalf of the thousands of people represented by our individual groups, we are writing to say Thank You!”

The letter goes on to reference a recent National Review profile of Sessions that detailed how the Senator is “amnesty’s worst enemy” and hangs a drawing of the comic series “Masters of the Universe” in his office–powerful forces he likens to those pushing for comprehensive immigration reform in Washington.

“The Master of the Senate’s Universe, Harry Reid, has met his match!” the Tea Party leaders wrote to Sessions. “We the folks that have and will continue to challenge Harry Reid as we visit the Mall in DC, write and call his office and yours, appreciate that someone in Washington has the backbone to tell him ‘he works for us.’ Finally we have a champion of the people, not the illegals, not the special interests, not the media. Anti-American organizations like La Raza have the backs of the illegals; we the U.S. Citizens have Senator Jeff Sessions, the Amnesty Slayer!”

The Tea Party leaders also thanked Sessions for an interview he did with Breitbart News, noting the power of new media over the mainstream media, saying they appreciate new media over mainstream media as well.

“The Conservative grassroots are frustrated with the political class not seeing, nor willing to acknowledge the old media, ‘The Same Stream Media,’ for what they are, a wing of the far left political agenda,” the Tea Party leaders wrote. “The New Media, blogs, online news sites and online TV shows are now the news. The Conservative grassroots, the New Media and the real stalwarts of the Constitution can be found in these new Media formats. You recognized this in a recent Breitbart online article calling it the ‘backbone of the conservative movement.'”

The letter, which Green and more than 20 other grassroots Alabamians signed, concludes by thanking Sessions for being “a man of influence and strength, character and spirit.”

“Senator Sessions is a member of the thin red line of the American wing of the GOP,” Green told Breitbart News of the reason why she organized this letter. “He understands that the government exists in concept only and that it’s we the citizens that still own this country. He, like those in the Conservative movement that keep up with the New Media and the truth, know the reality of the US decline. We feel he is one of the few that stand beside us in a sea of media hogs and get-along to get-along politicians. Senator Sessions is a rare Statesman.”

Several other influential Alabamians signed the letter, including Alabama’s RNC national committeeman Paul Reynolds, Wetumpka Tea Party president Becky Gerritson–a victim of political targeting by President Barack Obama’s IRS–and Rainy Day Patriots Communications Director Apryl Marie Fogel, a former Capitol Hill staffer who’s worked in senior advisory positions for several members of Congress and various national grassroots organizations.

Fogel told Breitbart News that America needs more leaders like Sessions in the U.S. Congress.

“I’ve been in D.C. I know firsthand that the easy thing to do is to go along to get along, but Alabama has a U.S. Senator who clearly doesn’t play by those rules,” Fogel said. “I love that Senator Sessions is a man of his word and his principles and is always at the mic to speak out on behalf of the people. If we had a chamber full of men like Senator Sessions our nation would be in a much better place. Others need to follow his lead and do what they were elected to do!”

Sessions is the only member of the U.S. Senate–Democrat or Republican–up for re-election this year who is running for re-election and never garnered either a primary or a general election challenger.