Democrat Poll: McConnell Surges, Up 5 Over Grimes

Democrat Poll: McConnell Surges, Up 5 Over Grimes

Just last month, Democrat pollster Public Policy Polling (PPP) showed Kentucky Democrat Allison Grimes up 2 points over incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell. A new PPP poll released Tuesday shows a McConnell surge of 7 points. The Republican is now up 5 points, 47% to 42%.

In an election year where Democrats  fear losing the Senate, Kentucky was supposed to be a bright spot; a possible pick-up with a side-order of taking out the top Republican in the Senate. As of now it all appears to be slipping away. McConnell has led in 4 of the last five polls and leads by a full 3 points in the Real Clear Politics poll of polls.

Two things are obviously dragging Grimes down: Obama’s falling poll numbers brought on by non-stop fumbles and her own junior varsity campaign.

Two weeks ago Grimes looked ridiculous after crediting Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system for helping that country eradicate underground terror tunnels dug by the terrorist group Hamas. The next day she was caught on video urging her supporters to put bumper stickers in their yards

The week prior, an attack ad against McConnell blew up in her face.

Earlier this month Grimes campaigned with former-Democrat president Bill Clinton. Grimes has conspicuously bent over backwards to distance herself from Barack Obama, going so far as to proclaim herself a “Clinton Democrat.”

Kentuckians don’t appear to be buying it.

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