Billionaires Write Checks For Gun Control In Washington State

Billionaires Write Checks For Gun Control In Washington State

L.A. Clippers owner Steve Ballmer has joined other billionaires and millionaires in donating money to push a gun control initiative in Washington state, which will expand firearm background checks to online purchases and gun shows.

But online sales from any retail store anywhere in the country already require a background check.

According to, “Ballmer and his wife gave $580,000” to the initiative. In so doing they took their place along side a myriad of other uber-wealthy donors who spend money in hopes of securing the kind of gun control the state’s legislature wouldn’t pass. 

Other donors include Bill and Melinda Gates, who gave $50,000; Jon Shirley, who gave $50,000; Nicolas Hanauer, who gave $385,000; and Rich Barton, who gave $42,500. 

Barton told that financial support for more gun control made sense: “It’s blindingly obvious that everyone who buys a gun ought to get a background check.” 

Elliot Rodger (Santa Barbara gunman), Ivan Lopez (Ft. Hood gunman 2014), Aaron Alexis (DC Navy Yard gunman), James Holmes (Aurora theater gunman), and Nidal Hasan (Ft. Hood gunman 2009) all got a background check for their gun purchases, but that did not prevent their crimes. 

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