Ferguson Police Chief: Cop Was Injured in Altercation with Michael Brown

Ferguson Police Chief: Cop Was Injured in Altercation with Michael Brown

On Wednesday, Ferguson, Missouri, Chief of Police Thomas Jackson told the media that the officer who shot and killed teen Michael Brown was injured in the scuffle that resulted in the shooting.

This is the first official news of the officer’s injuries. If true, supporters of the cop say this tends to prove that the officer and the 18-year-old did, indeed, have a physical altercation before he shot and killed him.

Thus far, the Ferguson police have refused to release the identity of the officer, and any proof that there was a scuffle between the officer and the teen has been sparse until now.

Witnesses, though, dispute that any consequential fighting occurred between Brown and the cop. At least two people have come forward to say that the policeman was overly combative and came out of his vehicle with gun drawn and shooting–with little provocation.

Unrest has infiltrated regular life in the community. As fears of rioting continue, local schools in Ferguson are closed for the rest of the week.

During a national press call on Wednesday, U.S. civil rights advocates shared that they aired their concerns about the actions of the Ferguson police to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

The activists informed the media that they presented their concerns to a U.N. panel. They stated that they were concerned that U.S. compliance with the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD) was compromised.

Meanwhile, gun sales in Missouri have surged as residents fear further unrest.

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