Report: 86% of Temporary Amnesty Applicants Approved

Report: 86% of Temporary Amnesty Applicants Approved

On the second anniversary of President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, statistics show that an overwhelming majority of applicants (86%) have been approved. The likelihood of receiving temporary amnesty is even better if the applicant is from an urban area. 

According to a Pew Research study, “through March 31, 2014, 86% of 643,000 applications accepted have been approved.” A Brookings study found that the “metropolitan average approval rate is 89 percent, and among the 10 largest metro areas, Chicago and Riverside have the highest approval rates, 93 percent each.” Vallejo, California had an approval rate of 100%. 

According to USCIS data that Brookings analyzed, “75 metropolitan areas account for 82 percent of all requests nationwide from the start of the program through September of 2013”:

Los Angeles has the largest number of applicants–approximately 78,000 or 13 percent of all applicants. DACA requestors in the New York metropolitan area submitted 44,000 applications and Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Chicago, Riverside, Phoenix, Atlanta, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. all had between 12,000 and 31,000 applicants. Together, the applications in these 10 metro areas make up half of all applications nationwide.

A vast majority of DACA recipients are from Mexico. The Pew study determined that “77% (428,000) of those who have received a temporary work permit are Mexican.” 

California and Texas, which have the highest number of Mexican immigrants, have 162,000 and 88,000 temporary amnesty recipients, respectively. In California, another Brookings analysis found that “17 metropolitan areas– from Los Angeles to Vallejo–account for 95 percent of the state’s applicants and approximately 27 percent of applications nationwide.” Every metro area in California had a DACA approval rate that was greater than 90%, according to Brookings. 

The number of illegal immigrants who have been apprehended at the border spiked drastically after President Barack Obama enacted the DACA program, which granted temporary amnesty and work permits to illegal immigrants who met various qualifications. Pro-amnesty activists are urging Obama to do more and “go big” to grant temporary amnesty and work permits to millions more illegal immigrants, including the parents of DACA recipients, via executive action.