Report: Officer Darren Wilson Texts Pal: I 'Can't Go Out' Because I Fear for My Life

Report: Officer Darren Wilson Texts Pal: I 'Can't Go Out' Because I Fear for My Life

Darren Wilson – the police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown after Brown allegedly punched him in the face, grabbed his gun, and bum rushed him multiple times minutes after allegedly robbing a convenience store – is under 24-hour security and “can’t go out” because he fears for his life.

According to MailOnline, Wilson texted his close friend, Jake Shepard, last week after Shepard defended the officer on CNN. Wilson told Shepard, “Thanks buddy I wasn’t expecting that.” According to texts that Shepard shared with MailOnline, he replied to Wilson, “No problem buddy, you deserve it.” Wilson then replied, “It means a lot thank you.”

Later, Wilson reportedly texted Shepard to tell him, “The support is really keeping me going during this stressful time. Just stay safe. I appreciate all you have done.” He then texted, “I can’t go out.”

“It’s sad for Mike Brown and his family. Darren could have just Tasered him, and Mike would have spent six months in jail or something and maybe got his act together after that,” Shepard told MailOnline. “Darren could have gone on with his life too but now both of their lives are over. It sucks.”

A witness named “Josie” said last week that, according to Wilson’s significant other, Brown bum rushed Wilson, tried to grab his gun, punched him in the face, and then bum rushed him again after Wilson pursued him on foot. Brown also allegedly taunted Wilson, at one point even saying, “you’re not going to shoot me.”

At least twelve witnesses have reportedly corroborated Wilson’s version of the events, including a witnesses who said that Brown “doubled back” and charged the officer before being shot. Wilson reportedly suffered an “orbital blowout fracture” to his eye socket after his confrontation with Brown.