Overnight Hostage Situation Continues in Chicago Suburb Home

Overnight Hostage Situation Continues in Chicago Suburb Home

Two adults and two children are still being held hostage by two suspects in a Chicago suburban home on Tuesday as the situation continued overnight into this morning.

The standoff is now in it’s seventeenth hour according to local news reports.

Tuesday evening, four of the children — two one-year-olds, a two year old, and an 11-year-old — were released by the armed suspects in the house.

The situation began after police officers responded to a possible burglary and exchanged gunfire with the two suspects, wounding two police officers. The suspects took the individuals in the house hostage as police surrounded the home.

Over 200 police officers are now involved in the hostage situation, and the entire block of the neighborhood has been evacuated, according to City of Harvey Spokesman Sean Howard who spoke to the press early Wednesday morning.

The 11-year-old child that was released has been giving officers important information about the suspects as well as a nurse inside the building.

The two police officers who were shot during the situation were both in “good shape” and at home with their families, according to Howard.

Two schools in the area have been closed in response to the situation, according to police officials.