Louisiana Police Chief Pulls Over Rob Maness — To Tell Him He's Voting for Him

Louisiana Police Chief Pulls Over Rob Maness — To Tell Him He's Voting for Him

On Monday, a Louisiana police chief pulled over conservative Senate candidate Rob Maness to tell him that he had earned his vote in Tuesday’s jungle primary. 

Mer Rouge Chief of Police Mitch Stephens unexpectedly stopped Maness as he was driving to another one of his “#TruckingtoVictory” events to tell him that he had switched his support from establishment Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) to Maness. 

“There aren’t too many times you come out of a traffic stop with a smile on your face, but this was the exception,” Maness said in a statement. “It’s moments like these that have made this campaign so rewarding.  It was great to meet Chief Stephens, and I thank him for his support in the voting booth tomorrow.” 

The Maness campaign said that “Stephens had been waiting all day hoping to have the opportunity to ‘catch’ Maness, shake his hand and tell him that he had planned to vote for Congressman Bill Cassidy until he heard Maness’s in-studio interview on Oak Grove’s KWCL-FM Oldies 96.7 with Irene Robinson.” 

Maness, who is running against Cassidy and incumbent Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA), is surging in the polls. If no candidate gets more than 50 percent of the vote, the top two head to a December runoff. During the campaign, Maness has accused Cassidy and Landrieu of being great actors who run away from amnesty policies that they had supported.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, along with a host of other conservatives, endorsed Maness because she felt Maness would have the best chance to beat Landrieu in a runoff. Cassidy, a former Landrieu supporter, is the type of moderate Republican that Landrieu always manages to defeat. 

“Here’s a man of true grit and a servant’s heart who knows full well when road kill needs to go. Our government must have the values we see in Col. Rob Maness to function properly,” Palin said while predicting that Maness would shock the nation on Tuesday. “I hope Louisianans will send him to Washington because he’s the real deal – heck, he fixes his own truck and he’ll do the same in Washington to fix the broken machine there!”