NC GOP Accuses Hagan Supporters of Pro-Sean Haugh 'Dirty Tricks'

NC GOP Accuses Hagan Supporters of Pro-Sean Haugh 'Dirty Tricks'

The North Carolina Republican Party is accusing Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) supporters of dirty tricks in the waning hours of the 2014 election cycle in the wake of an anti-Thom Tillis campaign flier pushing for Libertarian candidate Sean Haugh. 

Monday morning a North Carolinian tweeted a picture of a pro-Haugh flier that the Haugh campaign did not send. 

“For Thom Tillis, it is just politics as usual,” the mailer reads. 

“Sean Haugh: Lower Taxes, Less Government,” the flier continues next to a picture of Haugh and describe him as “a principled conservative who believes in limited government.”

The North Carolina GOP quickly slammed Hagan supporters for the fliers. 

“We’ve seen the worst sort of lies and dirty tricks from her, and her Washington Democrat allies like Senator Harry Reid’s political action committee. Already, the State Board of Elections is investigating potential voter fraud.  Now, we see these anonymous mailers. Is Senator Hagan responsible? Is Harry Reid?” North Carolina Republican Party Executive Director Todd Poole asked Monday. 

Meanwhile, however, a pro-conservative group is also courting Hagan voters on behalf of Haugh.

According to reports, the American Future Fund, has also used Haugh’s presence on the ballot to try and tug Hagan supporters away. The group has spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on ads highlighting Haugh’s anti-war, pro-weed message and encouraging young voters more likely to vote for Hagan to vote for Haugh.  

In reacting to his new-found popularity, Haugh told The Charlotte Observer “Apparently all three campaigns are now busy telling everyone that I am the best candidate in this race.”