Midterm Elections Where Gun Rights Are on the Line

Midterm Elections Where Gun Rights Are on the Line

From AZ-2 to NH-1, from the Florida gubernatorial race to the race for Governor in Oregon, gun rights are on the line in the November 4 elections.

In AZ-2, pro-Second Amendment candidate Martha McSally (R) is running against gun control incumbent Ron Barber (D). This Congressional seat is the one Gabby Giffords formerly held and a race in which her gun control group has campaigned heavily on behalf of Barber. 

Barber supports the kind of gun control that failed in the Senate in April 2013, while McSally believes we already have enough gun laws on the books. McSally stresses that our problem is a lack of enforcement. 

McSally is the clear choice for AZ-2 residents who value the Second Amendment.

In NH-1, pro-Second Amendment candidate Frank Guinta (R) is running against pro-gun control incumbent Carol Shea-Porter (D). In 2013, the Concord Monitor reported Shea-Porter’s support of an “assault weapons ban.” 

In contrast to Shea-Porter, Guinta believes we already have enough gun control on the books. He says we ought to be looking for “ways to respect the Second Amendment” instead of ways to undercut it. This has earned him the same kind of vile attack ads from Gabby Giffords’ gun control group that McSally is enduring in AZ-2.

NH-1 residents who want to see the Second Amendment defended need to vote for Guinta.

Shifting gears to Florida’s gubernatorial contest, pro-Second Amendment incumbent Rick Scott (R) is facing a tough challenge from pro-gun control challenger Charlie Crist (D). Breitbart News previously reported on these two candidates by showing that Scott got an “A” from the NRA for his strong support of the Second Amendment. Crist, on the other hand, got a “D” from the NRA and a $100,000 check from Gabby Giffords. 

Scott is the clear choice for Floridians who want their gun rights protected.

Lastly, consider the gubernatorial contest in Oregon. In that state pro-gun control incumbent Kitzhaber (D) is being challenged by pro-Second Amendment candidate Dennis Richardson (D). Oregon Live reports that Kitzhaber supports the passage of universal background checks in Oregon. Although such checks could lead to outlawing private gun sales, Kitzhaber described them as “a reasonable step.”

He alluded to supporting other types of gun control after the attack on Sandy Hook Elementary but gave no specifics on what he would support. 

On the other hand, Richardson is a strong defender of the Second Amendment who says that allowing school districts to arm teachers–if districts so choose–is a way to protect children and keep more Sandy Hook-style attacks from happening.

Oregon Live reported that Richardson would like to enact a “Campus Responder” program. In this program, participating districts would ask for volunteers and accept two or three teachers to undergo special training and “regular practice in the use of firearms” in order to possess a firearm with which to protect themselves and their students.

The Oregon Firearms Federation gives Richardson an “A” but Kitzhaber an “F-“. Oregon voters should do the same. 

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