Republican Victory Likely in Massachusetts Gubernatorial Race

Republican Victory Likely in Massachusetts Gubernatorial Race

FOXBOROUGH, Massachusetts — Democrats outnumber Republicans 3-to-1 among registered voters in Massachusetts, but GOP gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker is likely to be victorious in the state today. According to Real Clear Politics poll, Baker — a former health insurance executive — currently has a 3.7 point lead over his opponent,  Democratic Attorney General Martha Coakley.

Political analyst Guy Glodis, a former state senator and sheriff, told local media outlet Worcester Magazine that he believes a big win is in store for Baker. A victory for Baker could signal a positive outlook for other GOP politicians in the Commonwealth. 

Glodis said, “It’s going to be a GOP landslide. The GOP has focused on suburban groups to get out and vote….As a result [of a Baker win], you’ll see a coattail effect in counties like Worcester, Barnstable and Essex. There will probably be three or five new GOP state senators and close to 12 GOP state reps.”

The Massachusetts campaign trail has never been an easy road for Coakley. Many voters in the state complain that she shows little enthusiasm or charm. It was not easily forgotten when, in 2010, Coakley complained about shaking voters’ hands “in the cold” outside of Fenway Park during her failed Senate campaign. 

This time around, it appears she was not able to turn the tide. 

Even the Boston Globe, typically thought of as a left-of-center publication, threw their support behind Baker. 

“One needn’t agree with every last one of Baker’s views to conclude that, at this time, the Republican nominee would provide the best counterpoint to the instincts of an overwhelmingly Democratic Legislature,” the Globe wrote in its endorsement. “His candidacy opens up the possibility of creative tension. Facing veto-proof Democratic majorities in both houses, Baker would have no choice but to work constructively with the Legislature. Likewise, the Legislature would have to engage with Baker’s initiatives.”

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