Sarah Palin: Take Obama's Offer to Vote Against Him in Midterms

Sarah Palin: Take Obama's Offer to Vote Against Him in Midterms

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin urged Americans to take President Barack Obama’s offer to vote against him in the midterms. 

“The president has told us that this November’s elections are a referendum on his policies,” she said. “He’s basically put himself on the ballot again and given us permission to vote him out of office, so to speak, so let’s take him up on that.”

On The Sarah Palin Channel, Palin mocked Obama’s 2008 presidential nomination acceptance speech in which he said he would literally stem the rising oceans. She said Obama has “failed on every promise and aspiration.”

“He said that is policies are on the ballot on November,” Palin said. “I couldn’t be happier with that for once we totally agree.”

Palin blasted Obama for promising to unite Americans and then dividing Americans by playing the race card. She said Americans thought that “electing the first African American president would heal the old wounds and allow us to move beyond racial divisions,” but Obama’s White House has “cynically used the race card to attack anyone who happens to disagree with the president’s policies by accusing them of racism.” Palin said the White House’s use of the race card throughout Obama’s presidency was “disgusting” and offensive.”

“It’s totally unfair,” she added.

Palin also said that Obama “promised to are for the sick” but “his Obamacare rollout and his whole program has been an unmitigated disaster.” 

She also blasted Obama for doing nothing to stem the tides of the ocean or the tide of illegal immigrants flooding across the border, creating a humanitarian and national security crisis. 

She said Obama promised peace but got American “deeper into trouble instead of ending war.” She slammed Obama for “not even having a strategy to deal with ISIS,” which she said emerged because Obama refused to leave a residual force in Iraq to keep the peace. She called the Arab Spring an “Islamic Awakening” and blamed Obama for turning his back on Israel and turning Libya into a “Jihadist playground where our Ambassador and three other Americans were murdered in cold blood.” Obama’s stimulus only stimulated more debt and the labor participation rate is at historic lows, she said. 

But Palin said Obama’s biggest failure is “he took the idea of hope and used it as a cheap political gimmick and crushed it for millions of Americans.” She said, “there is a word for that–audacity.”

Republicans need to win a net of six Senate seats to take back Congress, and in six important battleground states, voters agree with Palin and are taking out their dissatisfaction with Obama on Democrats. Gallup determined that Obama’s approval rating is below his national rating in six key Senate battleground states, showing how unpopular Obama and his policies are heading into Tuesday’s midterms.  

As Palin noted, Obama declared that his unpopular policies were on the ballot, and a Gallup analysis found that in Iowa, Kansas, Arkansas, North Carolina, Georgia, and Colorado, Obama’s approval rating is above his national rating in only one (Colorado). 

“Obama’s enervated approval rating has undoubtedly benefited Republican candidates across the country, particularly in terms of motivating turnout, but in a few key states, Democrats’ association with the unpopular president has the potential to be particularly troublesome,” Gallup concluded. “Even in states where Obama’s approval rating is higher–like in North Carolina and Georgia, where it matches the national average, or in Colorado, where Obama scores slightly better than the national average–Democratic candidates are still fighting an uphill battle.”

Gallup aggregated data it collected from the six battleground states from July 1 through Oct. 15, 2014.

In Iowa (38%), Kansas (33%) and Arkansas (29%), North Carolina (42%) and Georgia (41%), Obama’s polls below ratings have been about equal to his national average. Among these six states, only in Colorado has Obama’s approval rating (46%) been higher than his national rating.

Gallup also concluded that Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) has not taken advantage of Obama’s sub-40% rating in Kansas because there is no nominal Democrat on the ballot. Roberts is in a dogfight with “independent” Greg Orman. 

Gallup noted that Obama, who has not campaigned for Democrats this year because he is such a liability, “is not doing the Democratic candidates in these six states any favors with his sub-par approval ratings.” 

“Though each of these Senate races has its own character, they do not occur in a vacuum,” Gallup reasoned. “Obama’s lackluster approval rating will probably be a deterrent in motivating less-attached Democratic adults to vote, while in turn providing a turnout motivator for Republicans who are eager to deliver a blow to the president by making him deal with a unified Republican Congress in his last two years.” 

One reason Obama’s approval ratings are so low is because of his promises of executive amnesty for illegal immigrants. A Fox News poll found that immigration is Obama’s worst issue heading into the midterms. And what had been Obama’s biggest strength–empathy–is now a liability as well.  An ABC News/Washington Post poll found that a “career-low 46 percent say Obama understands the problems of people like them.”