Democrats Blew $1.64 Billion on Midterm Elections

Democrats Blew $1.64 Billion on Midterm Elections

Democratic donors may be among the midterm election’s biggest losers, as figures from the Center for Responsive Politics reveal Democrat-aligned groups spent $1.64 billion dollars, a sum nearly equal to that of Republican-aligned groups who spent $1.75 billion.

Among election night’s biggest losers was Democrat billionaire hedge fund king and global warming activist Tom Steyer. The election’s single largest donor, Steyer shelled out $74 million, $67 million of which went to bankroll his NextGen super PAC. 

Billionaire Democrats are not the only ones likely to be annoyed by getting so little bang for their buck. Indeed, throughout the campaign, many Democrats complained that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee flooded their email inboxes with myriad messages bearing hyperbolic subject lines, such as “All hope is lost.” 

In the end, however, perhaps that subject line proved prescient, as Democrats suffered a historic and crushing defeat that cost them $1.64 billion.