Even Karl Rove Supports Prohibiting Federal Funds for Executive Amnesty

Even Karl Rove Supports Prohibiting Federal Funds for Executive Amnesty

After Democrats got trounced in the midterms, in large part because Americans disapproved of President Barack Obama’s forthcoming executive amnesty, even establishment GOP consultant Karl Rove argued that Republicans in Congress should use “every tool available” to stop Obama’s unilateral amnesty.

In a Thursday appearance on Fox News’ Hannity, Rove shared how he would stop Obama from bypassing the separation of powers and the co-equal branches of government to enact executive amnesty.  

Rove responded that Republicans should “use every tool available to the Congress,” and he specifically mentioned putting “riders on appropriations bills that say no money shall be spent to execute this policy.” 

“Pass a bill that specifically holds him accountable,” he added, later saying Republicans should “put the riders in there that say you can’t spend any money on these kind of things.” Rove said Republicans should use the courts, in addition to legislation, to try to stop Obama’s executive amnesty.

Rove, who has promoted comprehensive immigration reform via congressional legislation, said he did not think Obama had the statutory authority to tell a group of people who are here illegally that they can either stay or become citizens. 

Staunch amnesty opponent, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), acknowledging that Congress prohibits the White House from spending federal dollars on programs Congress does not want enacted, has called on his colleagues for a funding prohibition on executive amnesty in the next spending bill. 

Exit polling found that 75% of Americans who voted in the midterms were opposed to Obama’s executive amnesty.