Obama: I'm Big, You're Small, I'm Right, You're Wrong

Obama: I'm Big, You're Small, I'm Right, You're Wrong

Obama took to the podium on Wednesday after the midterm elections and made it clearer than ever that he lives in his own universe. Americans sent the message loud and clear that they reject his policies and the Democrat platform as it currently stands, yet Obama drove the message home that even with a Republican Congress in control, he would continue to push his extremely unpopular liberal agenda. 

It almost seemed as though Obama was just giving another campaign speech in which it was all about him and not how to get America back on the right track.

The wellbeing of Americans has never been the top priority in Obama-land, and his arrogant-selfishness was the resounding sentiment throughout his misguided press conference. Even Bill Clinton, back in 1994, conceded that as president of the United States he shouldered the blame for the wave of Republican victories in the midterm election. Obama is capable of no such thing. In his mind he has done no wrong, and it is the American people’s fault that the Republicans won because of the two-thirds of Americans who decided to sit out this election cycle.

However, what Obama refuses to admit is in this election cycle, the fully-informed voters took to the polls in force because they realize what dire straits our country is currently in. Unlike a true leader, Obama placed the blame back on the American people for the embarrassing loss by Democrats, instead of owning up to the fact that America is sending the message that Obama needs to reassess his game plan moving forward.

Throughout the press conference, Obama refused to give any concrete examples of how he is planning to work with Congress to actually get things done. Instead, he gave us more of the same – insisting that he will push his unpopular amnesty plan through fiat as well as refusing to sign a repeal of Obamacare, even though both of these policies “were on the ballot” and were rejected in historic fashion. 

The detached, uninterested attitude Obama held throughout the line of questioning from reporters made it seem as though he had more important things to be doing than addressing the extreme dissatisfaction from the American people.  After these midterm elections, Obama is more alone than ever – but of course this does not seem to bother him in the least. Democrats and Republicans alike are continuing to distance themselves from him and his policies, and yet he refuses to concede that there is any trouble in paradise.

In Obama’s mind there may as well not have been a midterm election at all. No matter who is in control of Congress, Barack Obama is going to do whatever he darn well pleases through Executive Orders, and no one can tell him otherwise. Although he says “I hear you” to those who voted on Tuesday as well as those who chose not to vote, Obama doesn’t “hear” anything that goes against his own liberal agenda. Now that Republicans control Congress, they must pass legislation that will dry up President Obama’s veto pen. The new Republican majority must show who the real obstructionist is – President Obama.