NYC Lawyer's Past Racist Tweets Toward Herman Cain, Michael Steele Surface

NYC Lawyer's Past Racist Tweets Toward Herman Cain, Michael Steele Surface

New York attorney Andrew Barovick, now best known for his racially charged tweet toward former New York Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor Christopher Moss, has a history on Twitter when it comes to making such crude statements about black Republicans. Most of these tweets are now deleted but were captured through screen grabs before Barovick trashed the majority of the statements.

On January 7, 2010, Barovick tweeted that “Glen Beck displays his sensitivity to the Negro,” referencing a March 2010 Huffington Post piece about a Beck radio segment concerning the 2010 census. 

Three days later on January 10, Barovick tweeted out a New York Times piece regarding Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s use of the word “Negro” during the 2008 campaign and the GOP anger from then RNC Chairman Michael Steele that ensued: “RNC Chair ‘Uncle Tom’ Steele outraged over Harry Reid’s mention of word ‘Negro,’ demands resignation.”

By October 7, 2011, Barovick was tweeting about then Republican presidential candidate and Atlanta radio host Herman Cain. Similar to his most recent tweets about Moss, Barovick states, “#Herman Cain hired as new spokesman for Cream of Wheat” and links to an 1895 Cream of Wheat image from a Wikipedia page.

That was not the only offensive tweet Barovick made about Cain. On the same day, Barovick tweeted out a link to a Crooks and Liars piece critical of the black Republican and said, “Corporate America will now welcome Herman Cain, along with his family, Aunt Jemima & Uncle Ben.”

Barovick serves as the chairman of the Medical Malpractice Committee for The New York City Bar Association and is a partner at the Westchester and Manhattan law firm of Alegria & Barovick LLP. The NYC Bar, which holds tremendous influence over state, city and federal judicial appointments as well as input on legislative affairs, has forgiven Barovick for his November 3 tweet about Moss, when he compared the black GOP’er, who is also the President of New York State Sheriff’s Association, to Uncle Ben and the chef on the Cream of Wheat box. 

The NYC Bar refuses to dismiss Barovick from his committee position, despite calls from political activists to do so, and stated it is “dismayed at his careless use of offensive and inflammatory language in a recent tweet regarding Sheriff Christopher Moss.” and “trust that Mr. Barovick will be mindful of these concerns going forward.”