Rush Limbaugh: Amnesty Is Irreversible

Rush Limbaugh: Amnesty Is Irreversible

Rush Limbaugh made clear on his Thursday show that if Barack Obama grants blanket amnesty to the illegal immigrants living in the United states, there would be no way to reverse the effects of such an action. 

When a caller suggested that the GOP accede to Obama’s likely gift of blanket amnesty, then reverse it two years later, Limbaugh responded: “There’s no reversing this. This is not like a piece of legislation that you might think you could repeal, or vote out, or whatever. You can’t reverse this. We’ve never, ever reversed an amnesty.”

Limbaugh continued, “There’s no upside to this. A, it’s lawless. We don’t want to applaud lawlessness. There is no political advantage in letting Obama be lawless. We already won an election. We don’t need any more evidence to win an election. ‘Yeah, let him do this, and it will guarantee us 2016!’” 

Limbaugh warned that a blanket amnesty would do permanent damage to the country. He asserted, “This is ballgame here. Obamacare and this are ballgame, in terms of the transformation of this country.” He added, “We can’t just stand idly by and try to find some political opportunity while the president basically shreds the Constitution and flushes it down the toilet.” 

The talk-show host pointed out that Obama would not bend as a result of the November election. He said, “It’s when Mitch McConnell said yesterday that this move of Obama’s has shown him that Obama is not going to move to the middle as fast as everybody thought. Obama was never gonna move to the middle, whether he loses elections or wins them!”

Limbaugh made it clear that election results would not deter leftists from pursuing their goals, saying, “For the Obama faction—the community organizers, these radical leftists—winning elections is not required for them to succeed. Winning elections is cool, and it’s fun, and it’s a bonus. But they’re not gonna stop when they lose and they’re not gonna change.”