Is ‘Disconnect’ Between ‘Obama Democrats’ and Reality Killing the Democrat Party?

Is ‘Disconnect’ Between ‘Obama Democrats’ and Reality Killing the Democrat Party?

On November 16, The Daily Beast’s Joel Kotkin wrote a column in which he claimed the “disconnect” between “Obama Democrats” and reality is crushing Democrat Party chances in future elections, particularly midterms.

Kotkin contends that this “disconnect” is largely seen in the way Obama Democrats are trying to stifle suburban expansion and deal with Americans as a center city, or markedly urban, population–a population that does not buy cars or homes, but moves from A to B on public transportation and lives in apartments, HUD housing, or the close quarters of city-based town homes and similar abodes.

These are the people “Obama Democrats” have counted on–and are counting on–to support Obama’s pet “political obsessions,” such as “climate change, gay marriage, feminism, amnesty for [illegal immigrants], and racial redress.”

And although Kotkin does not point it out, it is safe to say these are also the people “Obama Democrats” count on to support gun control: to accept a policeman on every corner and surveillance cameras at every intersection, door, and counter, as a fitting exchange for a reduction in Second Amendment rights. 

Kotkin asserts that the Obama Democrats are moving full steam ahead with this agenda and that the ramifications could be disastrous for the party’s electability going forward. He says this is largely because the suburbs are witnessing the lion’s share of population growth.

He explains:

Although core cities (urban areas within two miles of downtown) did gain more than 250,000 net residents during the first decade of the [21st century], surrounding inner ring suburbs actually lost 272,000 residents across the country. In contrast, areas 10 to 20 miles away from city hall gained roughly 15 million net residents. 

These 15 million did not move to the suburbs to continue being treated like urban dwellers. They have purposely disconnected themselves from city life and the kind of urban-based political agenda pushed by Obama Democrats. They are focused on getting away from the dangers and clutter of an urban setting so they can raise their families, pay lower taxes, buy a car, buy a home, and such. 

Furthermore, they are not interested in giving up their guns.

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