St. Louis School Districts Cancel Classes Over Impending Ferguson Announcement

St. Louis School Districts Cancel Classes Over Impending Ferguson Announcement

The school district of Clayton in St Louis, Missouri has cancelled after school activities in anticipation of “unconfirmed media reports stating that the Ferguson grand jury has reached a decision,” according to a news release. 

Clayton is the area of St. Louis that is home to the courthouse where a grand jury has been deliberating over whether to bring criminal charges against Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson who shot Michael Brown on August 9. Protests, riots, looting and property destruction have surged since the incident in Ferguson.

The school district statement said:

 “In light of the uncertainty regarding an announcement, and in order to give parents time to plan, we are canceling all after-school and evening activities for today, November 24. Canceling after-school and evening activities applies to all District meetings and events, school meetings and events, school clubs, activities, athletic practices and games. KidZone and GCC will remain open until their regular closing times but parents are encouraged to pick their children up early if possible. As of now, we are planning to end school at regular times today.”

Upon receiving official information on an announcement, the school district communicated they would be in contact, “regarding the status of school for tomorrow.”

Ferguson-Florissant school district also announced that they will be closing schools on Tuesday. 

Reports from the office of the prosecuting attorney say there will be an announcement late Monday. 

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