Claire McCaskill Denies Hating Cardinal Raymond Burke

Claire McCaskill Denies Hating Cardinal Raymond Burke

Shortly after Senate Democrats voted earlier this month to name Harry Reid their leader, Reid sat down with the The New York Times and vented about Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, who earlier that day declined to vote for him.

Reid talked about attending the funeral of former Missouri Senator Tom Eagleton some years ago and spending hours with then-St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke, recently demoted by Pope Francis.

“After the funeral, we went to [Burke’s] home; I don’t know what it’s called. A very nice place. And we talked about nothing. Now Claire McCaskill and others just hate the man,” said Reid.

Over the years, the pro-abortion McCaskill had her fill of trouble with the conservative prelate. In fact, Burke got her disinvited as the commencement speaker at her own daughter’s Catholic high school.

Even so, McCaskill’s office flatly denied she hates Cardinal Burke. Her spokesman said, “Those were Harry Reid’s words, not Claire’s; she would never use the word ‘hate’ when talking about the church.”