Chris Rock: Bill Clinton Is A ‘Dick’

Chris Rock: Bill Clinton Is A ‘Dick’

Few in the Hollywood community are willing to voice negative opinions about Bill Clinton, but comedian Chris Rock is an exception.

“He’s a dick, but you’re talking about a guy who’s embarrassed his wife,” he said in an interview with New York Magazine, recalling that in 2008 the former president was blasting Obama on the campaign trail to defend his wife, which angered black voters.

Rock added that he “couldn’t judge” Clinton, joking that the former president had to choose between Hillary and all the black people in the world. “The hell with the black people,” Rock joked. “Because he doesn’t live with all the black people. He lives with his wife.”

When interviewer Frank Rich pointed out that Clinton had been called “the first black president” Rock quipped, “Allegedly. Until a black guy showed up.”

Rock pointed out that although Hillary Clinton was likely to run, she wasn’t a lock for president.

“It’s still not a done deal with Hillary,” he said. “Remember, she was ahead last time. She had all the black people. And she lost to somebody she really shouldn’t have lost to.”

“I mean, I would love to see Hillary,” he added. “But there’s a part of Hillary that’s like the Democratic McCain at this point. As he showed, ‘It’s my time’ is not really enough.”