Girl Scouts Hurting as Cookie Sales Go Digital and New Boycott Looms

Girl Scouts Hurting as Cookie Sales Go Digital and New Boycott Looms

Cookie sales are the huge financial engine that moves the Girl Scouts forward, and since the little girls are also the cookie sales-force, a decline in membership can only hurt cookie sales.

As a counter to that, the Girl Scouts have announced that door-to-door sales are no longer necessary. No longer do you have to face the cute little girl from next door (or her parent at the office). Now she can come to you through the Internet.

Overcoming previous objections to online sales and even television pitches (reality star Honey Boo Boo was criticized for shilling for her local troop on her reality show), on December 12 cyber Girl Scout cookie sales begin as “Digital Cookie.”

The Girl Scouts face serious troubles. Membership has dropped by 180,000 over the past year, a decline of 6 percent. Since 2003 membership has declined by almost one million, a drop of 27 percent. This decline tracks with what some see as the leftward political drift of the organization.

The close relationship between Girl Scout leaders and abortion advocates resulted in a massive cookie boycott last year, and that very well could continue this year. Leaders of the Girl Scout “Cookiecott” tell Breitbart News that not much has changed since they launched their campaign last cookie season.