2016: MoveOn Gearing Up for $1 Million Campaign to Encourage Elizabeth Warren to Run

2016: MoveOn Gearing Up for $1 Million Campaign to Encourage Elizabeth Warren to Run

MoveOn.org is the latest left-wing grassroots group working to entice Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) to run in the primary against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The anti-war organization is holding “a nationwide membership vote” to end Wednesday morning, and if the vote succeeds, MoveOn will “invest at least $1 million” to organize efforts to get Warren to run. The money, according to the group, will be used for: 

  • offices and staff in early primary and caucus states like Iowa and New Hampshire,
  • the assembly of a national volunteer army ready to go to work if Sen. Warren enters the race,
  • recruiting small-dollar donors who pledge their support,
  • and ads and media products that call attention to how Sen. Warren has stood up and fought for the middle class and her powerful vision for our country’s future.

“MoveOn’s 8 million members are the volunteers, activists, and supporters who make up a key part of the Democratic base and, if they vote to move forward, we’ll go all out to encourage Senator Warren to take her vision and track record of fighting tooth-and-nail for working people and the middle class to the White House,” Ilya Sheyman, executive director of MoveOn.org Political Action, said in a statement. “There is too much at stake to have anything other than our best candidates in the debate. We are prepared to show Senator Warren she has the support she needs to enter–and win–the presidential race.”

The progressive grassroots do not trust the Clintons because of their ties to Washington, Wall Street, and crony capitalism. Ready for Warren and Democracy for America, which was founded by former presidential candidate and Vermont Governor Howard Dean, are also trying to lure Warren, who has said she will not run, into the 2016 contest to challenge Hillary Clinton.